Coffe Bar

For my birthday, I asked my husband to build me a coffee bar. I love coffee. And I have a Keurig (to make regular coffee), a Ninja Coffee Bar (to make fancy coffees), fancy syrups, 200 K-Cups, and way too many coffee cups. All of this was taking up just too much room in the kitchen. And our dining room needed a little spicing up. Hence, my idea for this coffee bar.

First, let me show you the Pinterest inspiration (OF COURSE, this was Pinterest inspired. What did we do before Pinterest???):

So, I send this picture to my husband and basically tell him to create it. I tell him where I want it and let him take the reins. 

Isn't it beautiful???? He built it out of Cedar. I was able to put everything that I wanted in it and on top of it with some extra room to spare. It looks perfect in our dining room. He knocked this one out of the park! I can't wait to pick out his next project!!! :) 

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Why I Love LuLaRoe

In my last blog post I revealed that my mom and I recently became LuLaRoe consultants. So far, it's been AH-mazing! It's been just over a month and we are having so much fun!! 

I started wearing LuLaRoe last summer. I had just lost a lot of weight (about 100 lbs) and I had no clothes that fit me. My body was still changing from the surgery, and still is, even though the weight isn't coming off as fast. I was feeling good but at the same time I had nothing in my closet that fit me well. And I couldn't buy much because it would fit me for awhile and then it would start to look loose and frumpy. LuLaRoe helped me feel better about myself. The clothes fit, even if they got a little bit looser, they still fit and they could still be made to look nice. The leggings always fit. They are comfortable and can be made into super cute outfits. 

The Carly dress became one of my go-to outfits as well. The dress flows away from me and doesn't hug my mid-section, which I appreciate!!! And bigger sizes can be knotted up or a cardigan can be added to make it look more form fitting. 

 Some of my favorite outfits so far:

Sarah Cardigan, Joy Vest, Carly and Leggings

Irma and Leggings

My Mom and I wearing Carly's

Irma and leggings

Sarah Cardigan, Irma and Leggings

I love that women of all sizes can wear these clothes and be filled with confidence!! People think that losing a lot of weight automatically makes you feel great about yourself. But guess what? It doesn't. Do you feel better?? Absolutely. But after gastric bypass or the sleeve, you lose weight faster than you can keep up with. Clothes stop fitting and become too big. Your skin becomes loose. Your body changes in ways you don't consider when you have surgery. LuLaRoe helped me become confident with my changing body. And it's also given me something fun to do with my family! My mom and I are the consultants but my dad and husband help as well. 

Any other Lula lovers out there?? Feel free to join our shopping group for outfit ideas, giveaways and fun online shopping!! LuLaRoe Chelsea & Lisa VIP Shopping Group

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I'm still here - promise!

Man. Life gets busy and before you know sooooo much time has passed!!! It feels like yesterday I posted and actually, it's been over a month. Like...March is half over. WHAT?!?!?! 

I did eventually get over my cold. It took a long time. It was horrible. First respiratory. Then GI. Then respiratory again. Terrible.

I didn't set any February or March goals. Mostly to just get back into a routine and feel better. Fair enough, right?

Okay, so the BIG announcement I was talking about...my mom and I decided to become LuLaRoe independent retailers!!!! We are so excited! We received our inventory at the end of February and have begun selling. So, please feel free to join our VIP shopping page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoechelsealisa/

We would love to have you!!! I will be devoting a lot of time to get this up and running, so I apologize if I'm not around as much! :) 

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