Day #10: JB Robinsucks.

Today was family day at the Melrose house. We took the kids out to lunch at the food court and bought Chelsea some school clothes. Very frugally of course.

After lunch, Hubby and I went to JB Robinson's to get his ring back which had to be re-sized. First, the girl told us it wasn't in when it was. We received a phone call 3 days ago, saying that it was ready. She argued with us and then actually went to look to see if the ring was here and low and behold...it was! Sort of. She pulls out the completely wrong ring. Both Hubby and I said at that time, "That's not the ring." It was silver titanium. Hubby's ring is gray and silver tungsten carbide. The girl then takes us to the case to show us the rings so we can point out which ring Bob has. Well, the ring he has was NOT there. The girl proceeds to argue with us stating that the ring we are describing does not exist.

Oh, I'm sorry...did you either wear or look at the wedding ring for over a year?! Oh, you didn't? Hm, then we MUST know what we are talking about! So, after she argues some more, she snottily tells her co-worker to go to another store somewhere in the mall to locate this ring. "It will be hard since you don't know what ring you are looking for," she tells him. At this point, I am PISSED. I left to take Chelsea shopping. Hubby says after we left the lady who actually helped us send the ring in to be fixed showed up and found Bob's ring right away. Hm, weird since the ring we were describing doesn't exist! Plus, to top it off, my ring is sent in AGAIN because when I got it back from being fixed 2 weeks ago, one of the prongs were severely crooked. Yep, never buying jewelry there again!

So, anyways, we got Chelsea some clothes for school. I feel guilty that we can't buy them more but we just don't have the money. We did have the money and then it was all gone. Well, have to pick up some more shifts to afford Bryson's stuff and Chelsea some new shoes. 

Bryson and Bob, being silly while waiting for Chelsea to get done trying on clothes.

I am cheating tonight, however, and meeting my friend Stefanie for dinner & a movie. Going to see Magic Mike.

Hubby: What movie are you going to see?
Me: Magic Mike
Hubby: What's that about?
Me: Strippers.
Hubby: Ooooh, strippers!
Me: Male strippers.
Hubby: Ugh, nevermind.

Haha, hot men dancing around on the big screen? Yes, please!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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