Day #13: Ooopsies! Little late!

Once again, I am late to write my daily entry! I would have only been a tiny bit late, however, Hubby, daughter and I decided to be bad and eat some dollar menu goodness at McDonalds. We were in line for 25 minutes. First, we waited at the speaker to order for 10 minutes. Then we waited at the second window for another 10 minutes. Finally, we got to the third window and they got our order wrong. I love McDonalds, but really? 25 minutes? Then you mess up our order? And look at me like I'm crazy?? Ridiculous.

Though I must admit, the fast food was delicious. We have been abstaining due to finances and it was a nice treat.

Chelsea (daughter, not me...I don't talk in third person. Often.) wanted to go to Plato's Closet. Plato's Closet is a consignment shop that buys/sells used clothing. Well, since I recently cleaned out my closets I thought about selling some of my jeans. I have tons of American Eagle jeans, most of which I have either never worn or only wore once or twice. Well, Plato's Closet doesn't buy any clothes over a size 16. That just seems wrong to me. I have perfect jeans from a name brand company and they won't buy them because they are a size 18? I'm sorry plus-size people like to look nice too! Chelsea got some nice jeans, which I am happy about, however I probably will not be going there again.

I am relieved this week is my last of this semester! Then I am off from school for 3 weeks and will only have one semester left until I have my bachelor's degree. I have 2 more papers to write, 1 discussion board, 1 quiz and 1 exam. yay!

I received one of my final papers back, got a 97/100. I lost points for some minor spelling errors. One of the errors: I wrote pubic health instead of public health. Talk about embarrassing! 

Okay, that's enough for today. Back to watching Mad Men with the hubby!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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