Day #4: All roads lead to Rome.

Yesterday Hubby and I went to the bank to officially remove him as a user on the account. He gave the lady his debit card and as she cut it into several pieces I felt like I was betraying him. Weird, I know, since we both made the decision that if we would like our money to NOT be taken randomly by the IRS, it was necessary. Just felt...wrong. 

Anyways, we took him off the account and I paid all of our monthly bills, then promptly pulled the rest of the money out and put the cash in a lockbox that I will hide safely in our...haha, didn't really think I would tell my super secret, clever hiding spot, now did ya?? 

Our new budgeting plan is as follows: each pay period, I will pay our bills and then remove the excess (if any) funds from the account and place them in our new box. The Hubby and I will each get an allowance that will provide us with gas and any other necessities. The rest will remain untouched until we get caught back up and this IRS nonsense is behind us. 

Any other budgeting tips would be kindly accepted :)

Sorry for the super boring entry, but I worked 12 hours only to come home and finish my 10 page paper regarding health disparities and government policy in the treatment of substance abuse. Sounds incredibly interesting doesn't it?

Time to make like the cats and snooze to rest up for another fun 12 hours in the ED tomorrow.

Aren't they cute and peaceful??...for now.

Big, Beautiful, & Broke...Chelsea

OH WAIT! I almost forgot the best oddest part of my day!!

So, I was in triage discussing religion and God with a co-worker of mine. Anyone who knows me, knows I have skepticism and strong opinions regarding organized religions and...this is really a discussion best left for a different day. ANYWAYS, some people must have overheard our conversation because while we were talking a girl came up and handed one of my co-workers a pamphlet and instructed her to give it to me.

Yeah, I got SERVED JUDGED today!

Among my favorites in the pamphlet:

"WHY CAN'T WE GO TO HEAVEN? Because we are all sinners!" Ah yes, we must do no evil or else we will not go to heaven but go to...oh wait, that's next.

"Realize your state before God as a sinner, condemned to pay your debt to Him by going to hell." There it is!!! The ever-condemning HELL threat! What's a religious pamphlet without a hell threat?!

"WHAT EXACTLY DO I DO NOW? Realize you are lost. Realize Christ died for your sins." Then there's a prayer and oh yes, I can write to the address listed so that Christ will be my saviour AND I can send them money. Woo hoo!

Okay, the-end!

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