Day #5: Things that irritate me.

Today's entry will be about something that annoys me. Mostly because I just spent 12 hours in charge of a short-staffed emergency room on 5 hours of sleep. I'm kind of pissy. My pissy pants are on and my compassion cupboard is empty. Feeling like a good rant is in order.

*Start Rant*

People are saying we need more gun control in this country. More gun control will stop things like a crazy man going to a midnight showing of Batman movies from shooting many innocent people. I would like to refer to condescending Wonka to share my viewpoint on this matter:

Food for thought: If at least one person in that movie theatre had a concealed weapon permit and had been packing, perhaps after one good shot between the eyes, the man shooting everyone else could've been stopped. Just sayin'. 

Paternalism (or parentalism) most typically refers to behavior, by a person, organization or state, which limits some person's liberty or autonomy for their good, or the liberty or autonomy of some group of people for their good. Examples of paternalism include laws requiring the use of motorcycle helmets, a parent forbidding their children to engage in dangerous activities, and a psychiatrist confiscating sharp objects from someone who is suicidally depressed.

*End Rant.*

Okay, now by day #5 of this year long blog let's recap...what should my readers know about me? I'm married. I'm "obese". I'm broke. I have strongish opinions about religion and gun control. I use condescending Wonka to reiterate my points.

One more thing about me? I love the Detroit Tigers. I'm very happy to say that they have swept the White Sox and my boy, Miggy, has hit his 300th home-run. First place! yes! 

Until tomorrow, 

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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