Day #6: Case of the "Mondays"

I hate Mondays. Mondays in a hospital, are never a good day. Today EVERYONE in the hospital- ER, floors, ICU's, etc were in an exceptionally bad mood. It's pitiful, how the floors, the units, the ER, etc can not just get along for the better of the patients. Instead, everyone must argue about who is right, who is wrong, who gives better care, who should have done this, who should have done that, complains about getting 2 patients at the same time, etc etc etc. We are caring for sick people, who are in a hospital, not at home in a comfortable environment, but in a busy, never quiet, always moving hospital. I admit, I am not perfect. I complain. I am work all the time, I am exhausted, I haven't gone on a vacation in 3 years and when I finally had some money saved to take a vacation the IRS took it all. So, do I complain? Yes. Yes I complain. But I do not do it in front of my patients. Tomorrow is a new day, to start fresh and smile and take care of sick people.

Onward, then to..

Budget, Budget, Budget...

Doing well so far with the $100 allowance I gave myself for two weeks. I still have $96 in my wallet, though, I did sell two bracelets at work for $10. I can't lie, I was exhausted this morning and I bought an ice cap from Tim Hortons and a bagel, totaling $5.60 (sorry mom & dad!). I work again tomorrow, but then am off for 4 days. My plan is to begin "meal planning". I am going to sit down tomorrow and plan four meals, then go on Wednesday to buy groceries. 

Eventually, I am hoping to be able to plan a week or two's worth of meals to help save on eating out. One of our biggest downfalls is that we love to eat out. We are both buy with work, school and family and thus, cooking dinner is a low-priority. Our second challenge, is my husband and I are very different when it comes to food. I am a weirdo. I like hamburgers. However, I do not like hamburger meat in my spaghetti, lasagna, or on pizza. Hubby will not eat anything without some sort of animal product on it. I do not like pork products. Hubby loves pork products. 

Oink! Oink!

As you can see, meal planning for us is a bit of a struggle. In the past, it has been much easier to just say screw it and eat out. 

A blog I recommend: http://www.20minutemom.com/ 
Excellent meal plans, recipes, etc. I'm not a housewife, but 20 minutes in my busy schedule to make a meal...not too shabby! 

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke...Chelsea

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