Day #15: Cha-ching!?

What's with the random picture of boxes doing in my blog, you may be asking yourself. Well, these are boxes I am making Hubby take to the post office tomorrow to send out...in exchange for money! Yes, we sold a couple of items on Etsy as well as some textbooks on Amazon, AND sold back some books on sellyourtextbooks.com. Very lucrative operation we are running over here, eh??

Nothing much to report. Planned some meals for the next couple of days. We successfully made it through 2 weeks with some money to spare. Whew! We will get good at this budgeting thing yet!

I had a decent day at work. I think I found what I want to do for my senior project this fall. More to follow on that! I have one paper to finish and I will be done with school for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!! YAY!!! I won't even know what to do with myself!!

Okay, that's all for today. Back to Mad Men.

By the way, it's the end of the 6th inning and the Tigers are winning 6-4. Here's hoping they keep it up!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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