Day #16: Heavy eye-lids...

My heavy eye-lids will cause this entry to fall short. I believe that is my excuse every time I find myself lacking in interesting things to talk about. We bought a beautiful buffet from my grandparents. It was only $50, and I am only sharing this because this blog is about me trying to lose weight and budget. I don't want my readers thinking that I am going around town throwing money down for random things. Also, we decided buy this before the whole IRS debacle. 


Isn't it gorgeous? I am looking forward to cleaning the dining room tomorrow to make room for this lovely new edition to our furniture collection! 

My quest to de-clutter the house feels like a never-ending ordeal. I finally have the bedrooms cleaned and mostly clutter free, but the rest of the house remains to be clutter-full (is that a true statement?) Anyways, I am off Monday and Tuesday so that will be my "keep me from shopping project". 

Anyone need a 32" box TV or a Dell desktop computer? Anyone? Those two items are taking up lots of unnecessary space. And magazines. We have a crap ton of magazines. I never knew how much space those buggers took up. I have a box FULL of magazines. Can magazines be recycled? 

I've been hearing rumors of bonuses at work. I've got to say, each year I do not get my hopes up, because I don't want to be sad and disappointed when it doesn't happen...however, it would be so helpful if this rumor was true. I could put some money away and finish the kids school clothes shopping. Okay, time for bed!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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