Day #17: Money Woes.

WARNING! The following entry is a whiny, feeling sorry for myself rant.

After a long day at work, I am sitting at home, exhausted and making some Kraft Mac & Cheese (Spongebob shaped, thank-you!) and stalking reading Facebook statuses. My step-daughter is going on a surprise trip tomorrow with her mom and step-dad, and while I am happy for her, inside I feel sad. We were supposed to go on a surprise trip last week but due to recent events, we were not able to. Heck, we couldn't even finish buying school clothes.

We both work so hard to try to get ahead, but it just doesn't happen. I haven't had a vacation in years. The only trip Bob and I have ever gone on together was to Arizona, to help my brother move. I was saving for so many things and we are back at square one. It would be so nice just to get away for a week. We had the perfect honeymoon planned. One week in Punta Cana at an all-inclusive resort. Relaxing on the beach, going to the spa. Then the next week in Washington DC, going to museums and sight seeing. Maybe someday we will get away together...

It's hard on Hubby too. He is going to nursing school so that he can make more money and provide more for his children. He makes decent money working part-time, however, half of his paychecks go to child support. Which is great and his money should go to child support, but I feel sad sometimes because he will never get the credit he deserves. He gets treated like a "dead beat dad" by both friends of the courts. The things that the child support provides, he doesn't get credit for. Each mom is getting a decent amount of money a month and if it's spent on the kids...the mom's get the credit. Not dad who is providing the money. I feel kind of bad for all those, mom's and dad's, who pay their child support who don't get any credit for it. 

Anyways, I am certain this "feeling sorry for myself" attitude is stemming from my lack of sleep for the past 3 days. 

On a happier note...the Tigers are winning! 

On a humorous note:

It's so true. Not everyone. But sometimes. 

Thanks faithful readers and friends, for reading my whiny venting.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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