Day #18: Chew your food.

In my efforts to save money, I picked up this weekend at work, 11-7 both Saturday and Sunday. Today I had trauma rooms, which tend to keep you busy, busy, busy for your entire shift. However, today the first few hours I didn't have much going on. I had patients but nothing that kept me on my feet and running the entire time. The next half however, kept me running! Apparently, people didn't know how to chew their food today. I had THREE scopes in my room today. THREE! For those of you, who have no clue as to what I am talking about...I will explain.

Every once in awhile, NOT very often, a patient comes along that requires a intervention called an EGD. This involves a scope with a camera to go into their mouth and down their esophagus, either to look for a piece of food that is stuck or source of bleeding (these are the emergent cases, not necessarily the only thing an EGD is used for). Well, today, in my room I had 3. Really, I was there for two and while I was transferring a patient to the unit, another nurse covered me for the third. 

With that being said, today's lesson is: CHEW YOUR FOOD.

Unfortunately, that is all I feel like saying today.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful, & Broke... Chelsea

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