Day #20: Yoda flash drive, I have.

I had a fairly uneventful day. Slept in, then watched the rest of Season 5 of "Mad Men". Great show, glad I decided to watch it on Netflix instant play (Amazon instant play for season 5). Now Hubby wants to watch "Breaking Bad". This is what we do in the summer. We don't have shows to watch, we resort to watching old shows on Netflix instant play. And of course, we watch the Tigers. 

Anyways, we were bad and went to Old Town Drive-In for lunch. Tsk, tsk. And it wasn't that good today for some reason. We met my parents at my grandpa's house to help clean and go through things. Something happened with the pool and a crap load of sand and water is now in the basement. It was hard to be there, so many memories. Memories of spending Saturdays there while my parents worked. Sitting up at Grandpa's work station and where I "helped" fix VCRs. Sitting in the back room watching mom, dad, grandma and grandpa play cards...where grandma swore like a sailor! Sitting in the kitchen with grandma, eating cheeto's while she watched "Golden Girls". It is difficult.

I took one of grandpa's flash drives however. I'm a little disappointed I never saw it before!

Rocks, Yoda does!

Yes, that is the flash drive. Yoda's head comes off to reveal the USB port. AWE-SOME! I also took a pair of his slippers...I'm a sentimental sap. 

Anyways, more cleaning to be done tomorrow. Have to do some running around town to cancel accounts to save money (YMCA, Global Tan, etc). 

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

PS Can you believe I have written 20 days in a row?! Weird. I've never been so dedicated.

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