Day #21: Go Tigers!

For those of my readers who don't know...I'm a huge Tigers fan. Ever since I was a little kid. Although I did go through a little phase in high school where liking sports "wasn't cool" and I kind of boycotted watching/following/caring about baseball in general. I was a hater. Now however, I am a huge fan. In fact, I wanted to drive to Cleveland in September to watch them play. But guess what? The visitors side is pretty much sold-out. If I want to sit behind the freaking Indians I can. But who wants to do that? This is not Major League. There is no Charlie "Wild Thing" Sheen. I want to be by the Tigers...but no! Grr...

I will be sandwiched in between these two...oh yes, I will.

Much like this. Me in the middle. In a non-kinky way...

Anyways, for anyone viewing tonight's game let me just say...WTF Valverde?! 9th inning starts 6-3 and we damn near LOSE. Ending score: 6-5. Okay, yes, at least we won, but that was WAY too close for comfort. Leyland sometimes I don't know or understand what your old ass is thinking. Dotel did awesome, but let's put in this tard who gives up 2 runs. GAH!

So, I literally did NOTHING today. I woke up at 10. Read a little bit on my iPad. Fell asleep. Laid in bed until 1, periodically waking up and contemplating the world. Finally got up, watched "Bridesmaids". Went back in and laid in bed with Hubby, while talked and both contemplated the world...or what we should have for dinner rather. Finally, we went to dinner (cheaply, I might add) and then met my parents for a drink at Roadhouse. See...NOTHING. Literally. I do work the next 5 days, have 1 day off and then work 5 more. I feel that my day of nothing-ness was warranted.

And to those who follow me on Pinterest...Yes, I have been pinning baby things. No, I am NOT pregnant. I swear, like 10 people have asked me this. I just like looking at baby things. It's not far from reality, I am married and we are trying-ish to have one. (By trying-ish, I mean not preventing). Not that I have gotten all TMI on you, I am going to bed.

Will's tired and wants mommy to stop taking his photo and speaking baby talk to him. Mew.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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