Day #22: Overwhelmed.

My blog must be getting BORING because my daily views went from over 100, down to 50-60ish. Ah well, it's for me to vent, not necessarily for people to read. And vent is what I am going to do!

I love my job. But I love it more when I am not there ALL the time. And when I am not struggling for money. I am tired. I can't even express how tired I am. I need a vacation. But I can't afford a vacation. I keep telling myself, someday I will be able to slow down. This just isn't the time yet. Hubby is struggling too. He is unhappy and misses working as a "real paramedic" as he calls it. These struggles will make our relationship stronger, I suppose. I just wish sometimes, that things would come easier.

Where can I get some of what she had?

Anyways, I work the next 4 days, full 12-hour shifts. At least school is out for 3 weeks! I applied for graduation and I applied for admission into the graduate program. Exciting!!

We've not been budgeting good this week. Or maybe it feels like that since my check was smaller than my super, awesome double-time July 4th check? That's probably what it is. The nice thing about working the next 4 days is I won't be spending money. Yay!

I love my hubby. He's worth unpacking his baggage. We'll get through it. One step at a time. 

Until tomorrow, 

Bigger, Beautiful, & Broke... Chelsea

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