Day #23: Rain, Rain

I feel better today. I feel very tired because it is cold and rainy out, however I feel more settled than yesterday. I am so relieved that my last semester (at least for my bachelor's degree) is starting in 3 weeks and even more relieved that I have figured out what to do for my final project...and that I have people at work who are on board with it! Whew. That's a weight off my shoulders!

The Tigers lost today. Boooo! And to the Yankees. Friggin' Yankees (I HATE the Yankees).

I sold two more charity bracelets on Etsy today, which is exciting! Now have $5 towards the cause. Hopefully I will keep selling more and more!

This is true...isn't it?!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

PS Sorry for the short entry, I am flippin' exhausted.

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