Day #24: Seriously, RAIN RAIN!

I'm pretty sure it hasn't stopped raining since yesterday. Our front yard has a lake in it. Unfortunately, the torrential down-pour has flooded my grandpa's basement. My mom said there's about 2-4 inches of water. :( 

Work was good today, although I did snack all day. Chips & dip, cookies, cake...nothing substantial or good for me. Smeh...it was Friday? Can I use that as an excuse to eat poorly?

JB Robinson's finally called and said my ring was ready. YAY! Except...I get there to pick up my ring, which I had to send back in (after they replaced one of my small diamonds that had fallen out) because they sent it back with a prong that was very crooked and out of place. Well, guess what? I got it back with the prong crooked and out of place. Uhm, really!? Isn't that why I sent it in?! Nope! The girl who filled out my paperwork wrote "Please clean and repair if needed". The guy looked at it and said "It's in there snug, the diamond won't fall out but I will straighten it if you want." So, he uses pliers to straighten it out. 

I could have done that myself. Just sayin'. I am glad I have been without my nearly $2000 ring to have it NOT get fixed. I realize the prongs are still holding the diamond on, however, this isn't a cheap ring we are talking about. We paid good money for this ring and I expect that it will be PERFECT. Ugh. 

Received my books today for next semester. Can't wait for this semester to DONE! Master's degree program will be a part-time deal. NOT full-time. 

The Tigers are depressing me. Time for bed! I will leave you with this inspirational picture:

If this were me...I would have definitely slipped on ice and broke my ankle.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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