Day #28: Happy Home

Came home from work today to a nice, cut lawn and all the laundry done! Hubby = AMAZING! He also cooked a yummy, delicious dinner...(perhaps, he has been reading my blog, eh?) It was great surprise! I think our chore list will work out just fine!

Since I am spending more time at home and less time out in the world spending money, I have been trying to fix the house up a little bit using cheap-ish resources. Luckily, we have some gift cards from the wedding so I was able to do a bit of online shopping yesterday. I purchased some pretty blue curtains for the living room and some cute throw pillows for the couch...need to decorate up the place a little bit! Before and after pictures to follow.

So, we've been watching The Newsroom, a television show on HBO. It chronicles actual events that happen 2 years ago (BP oil spill, Gabby Giffords getting shot in AZ, riots in Egypt, etc). Some of these events I remember, some I had no idea happened. So, I've decided to watch the news more, or at least pay attention, and read articles about worldly events and not just about gossip. So, I get on CNN and learn that Jesse James Jr has bipolar disorder. Really? This is front page news? Who cares? Bah, I'll continue watching/reading the news despite this.

I have also been "pinning" a lot on Pinterest. I found a great site the has budget tips: Cut Your Spending

Here are some that I plan to work on:

  • If you shop online, start with Ebates.com – you’ll find coupon codes and earn cash back on every purchase!
  •  Always plan meals, make a list and try to grocery shop once a week.
  • Plan Ahead – Are you guilty of running errands every single day or making two trips to the store because you didn’t make a list? There’s more to life than errands, and planning ahead will save you both time and gas money.

That's really it at this point. The other things we are doing I've already talked about...like not eating out as much, etc etc.

Does anyone else find this to be true?

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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