Day #30: Fat Day.

Today is what I like to call a fat day. I have just felt fat all day. Bloated, like my pants will split if I bend over or squat down. A fat day. How does one deal with a fat day? This sums it up well:


Yes, fat day equaled me eating: Turkey Tom from Jimmy Johns, bag of chips, 3 diet cokes, snickers bar, and chex mix. Heh...good plan right?

Oh dear, I'm not very good at this dieting thing am I?

Dieting is not easy. Especially when you are like me and crave everything that is wrong for you...like candy, chocolate, greasy food, pizza, etc etc. If only I craved veggies, fruit, rice cakes and tofu. Then maybe snacking all day wouldn't wind up with my ass getting larger, or me feeling bloated. 

My foot still hurts. I'm still not certain as to how I injured my foot, but perhaps it's my body's way of telling me to quit stuffing my face with junk food? Or maybe I just need new work shoes.

Also, I found another way I can save money now that I have cut my hair. Let's recall the first reason: by spending money on my hair cut, I will save money by cutting down on shampoo and conditioner. The second money saver: decreased electricity use because blow-drying my hair takes 10 minutes and not 25 minutes. See? I'm very "glass half-full". Always looking at the positives!


Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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