Day #32: Date Night Adventure?

Before I get into the disaster that was date night, why didn't anyone tell me I wrote Day 5 yesterday instead of 31?? That's what I get for blogging after taking Benadryl!

Anyways, date night did NOT go as planned. Hubby and I left our house at 2:30 to head towards Detroit to go to the Tigers game. We learned yesterday that not only were the Tigers playing, but at Ford Field (next door to Comerica Park) Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney would be putting on a concert. This was not well planned Detroit, not well planned at all. First of all, Tiger's games attract a lot of people. So do Tim and Kenny. Which means if you arrive to D-town at 5:45 for a 7pm game, you will not find parking. We drove around Detroit for over an hour trying to find parking. Guess what we found? We found the highway back home

Seriously?! I wasted $80 on Tiger's tickets so that we could drive 2 hours to Detroit, only to drive 2 hours home. We stopped for dinner in Troy on the way down, which was awesome (PF Changs, always a good choice). I'm not going to lie I was very upset hysterical. I cried like a baby while leaving Detroit. It seems things just won't go our way right now.

We went back to Troy and visited the Somerset Mall. The first store we found was the Apple Store. For those who know us personally, know that this is no surprise, as Hubby loves Apple products.

Hubby playing around on an iMac.

After the Apple Store, we walked around for awhile and then left to go find a bar to watch the game. We drove up Big Beaver Rd looking for suggestions from my dad and brother. We only found one, pulled in and found that the bar was hosting a charity poker event. Thus, no parking or seating for us. Seriously?! So we left. After I pouted and whined, we drove up past Auburn Hills and stopped at Culver's for a pit stop.

Hubby and I, outside of Culver's

While sitting and eating our ice cream, Hubby mentioned crab legs sounded good. So, we decided to back track to Pontiac and go to Joe's Crab Shack. I felt this would cheer me up some. Had we found parking in Detroit, it would have costed $50. We decided to put this towards yummy crab legs instead. This is what ensued:



Loving the bib. Hot!

Definitely was NOT the date night that I had planned, however, after the tears and frustrations we did end up having a fun night. We tried to make the most of it. We are now home safe, relaxing on the couch and watching TV. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning and organizing the dining room and starting on my craft room. 

Okay readers, before you leave please go to this address: http://www.garagewoodworks.com/contest_poll.php

And vote for the second frame...it's my hubby's!!!


Until tomorrow, 

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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