Day #34: New-ish goals?

So, you may have noticed the Warrior Dash countdown for 2012. My brother is running the Warrior Dash in Grand Rapids next month and my parents want to run in one next year. So, now it's a family event and I want to do it to. That gives me 11 months to get myself in enough shape to run just over 3 miles. Can I do it? Only time will tell. I tend to do better if I am working towards something, so this sounds like a winner!

Also, debuting today is my monthly wish-list! Here is August's:

1. Sandy Hook Pullover from anthropologie.com
2. Women's Merona® Matia Ballet - Assorted Colors (shown in Pewter) Target.com
3. Coach Embossed Blue Leather Large Tote Bag from http://www.coachoutletlove.com
4. Blueberry Iced Tea Dress from modcloth.com
5. Spare Time Leather Watch in Taupe from francesascollections.com

What is a girl on a budget doing making wish lists? Hear me out. I am trying to budget, lose weight and all around be a better person...ALL at the same time. I deserve a little "window internet" shopping. Each of these items are on sale. If I meet my goals each month, I am going to purchase ONE of my wish list items.  Just ONE. I know it is a little late in August to start working on monthly goals but here they are:

1. Work out 3 days a week
2. Save $100 from each check

There's two more weeks in August, so I guess I better make these goals count. Let's recap on the newest blog features (this is as much for MY benefit as it is yours...I don't want to forget what I am adding!):

1. Friday's Top Five
2. Monthly Wish-List
3. Monthly Goals

I will work on September's goals and wish-list this week. Any ideas are welcomed! I would love more reader involvement.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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