Day #42: What If's

I'm late again! AH! I started school yesterday and one of my cultural enrichment courses is Western Religions. I have spent the last two hours researching the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, and whether or not his monotheistic religious views were the precursor to Judaic monotheism. Sounds incredibly interesting doesn't it? At any rate, I completely lost track of time and forgot to write my blog entry for the day! 

Mom with gifts from me and Hubby!
Hubby and I went to see my mom today in the hospital. She seems to be doing good. She started having leg pain on Friday, along with chest pressure. She didn't tell me at that time, however did tell Hubby that she was having chest pressure. Her leg pain was worse yesterday and she was telling a friend about it, who urged her to get checked out. She then called me and when I heard the symptoms "Leg pain, warm, red and chest pains" a red flag immediately went off in my head and I told her she WOULD be coming into the ER to be seen. For those who are not in the medical field, my main concern was that she would have a pulmonary embolus, or a blood clot in her lungs. Well guess what? That's exactly what she has. Along with a very large blood clot in her left leg. 

It's proving to be a very frustrating year. I sent our first payment to the IRS today and it hurt me a little bit. My mom is in the hospital with a treatable, but critical medical problem. And the cherry on the icing? My husbands brakes went out on his truck. Luckily, they went out in the driveway and not while he was in traffic. But now, we have to find money to get the truck fixed. We can't win!

I shudder to think about what would have happened had I not known about my mom's symptoms and if she would have waited even just 24 hours to be seen. I know too much and have seen too many people die. Sometimes, I wish I didn't know what I know (medically speaking). I also shudder to think what would have happened if Bob's brakes would have went out while he was on the expressway? What if my mom wouldn't have went into the ER? What if's are dangerous and I try my best to not think in "what if's".

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. Can't dwell too much on 'what if's... only because we'd never know and because they didn't happen. Just have to keep playing the hands we're dealt! At least Bob and mom are okay, those are the most important things. Glad you're continuing to write in this blog; I'm keeping up! Take care. Love you


    1. Very true brother! Thanks for reading :) Love you!


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