Day #45: Dear Mr. Jackson

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank-you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit Saginaw, Michigan. I have no doubt that between traveling the United States to bring communities together to fight situations you had no part of, your recent nervous breakdown and tending to your illegitimate child, that this matter was hard to fit in.

I believe that with with the continued harassment of Saginaw City Officials, you will no doubt help the violence decrease in this city. Rallying, holding hands and praying are all example of exactly what this city needs to stop the violence. Between your prayers and the concerned citizens of this city, there's no question that the violence will stop. The six police officers who were trained to protect us from harm and serve this community will surely not be missed.

I only hope that the concerned citizens continue to rally for justice of Milton Hall's death, as this will surely make-up for the way they ignored him while he roamed the streets, violent and homeless. In fact, I think a daily hand holding, prayer circle would be so effective, that having a police force in Saginaw won't be a necessity any longer.

I have no doubt that with your continued pressure and prayers will no doubt lead to a resolution in this matter.


Concerned Saginaw Citizen

PS Please tell Milton's mother, since she lives all the way in New Mexico, Hi for us. She must be very upset about this whole ordeal, being so far away from her son that she cares so much about.

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