Day# 46.1: September Wish-List and Goals

1. Cobalt Suede Lace-Up System booties from www.torrid.com
2. Coach Poppy Op Art Silver handbag from www.coachoutletlove.org
3. I can’t lie. I want everything on this list. Does this make me vain? Read article here: here
4. Lurex High-Low Kabuki Dress from www.maurices.com
5. American Eagle NYC Hooded Popover from www.ae.com

So, if you recall from last month I did not meet my monthly goals. However, this month...there's more promise because I am posting this early and NOT 2 weeks before the end of the month. Anyways, if I meet all of the goals for the month, then I get to buy a wish-list item. All of the items are less than $60. Any votes??

Here are my goals for the month:

1. Begin training for next year's Warrior Dash. This means going to the gym at least 3 times a week to start with. I plan on using the couch to 5K program.
2. Save $100 from each paycheck, putting money into savings account.
3. Stick to a cleaning schedule for at least one week. Since, I haven't done that yet. Ugh.

Okay, that's all for today. I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekends! I am spending mine serving the fine city of Saginaw, MI.

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke...Chelsea


  1. That's a good idea, to get a treat for accomplishing your goals! I hope you do well with them! I like the shoes the best....but then I always like shoes the best! ;)

    1. I can't lie... I really want the shoes!

  2. Ohh.. the sweatshirt looks so comfy. I wish we had cooler weather down here for bonfires and hoodies. Good luck with training! Im going to be hitting the gym pretty hard this month too.. maybe we can help motivate each other?

    Ps.. link this post up to my menu monday post tomorrow.. I have a small linky for menus/recipes/goals for the week :)


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