Day 48.2: Dining Room Make-Over

I inherited some items from my grandpa and grandma's house during the cleaning out process. This inspired me to clean and rearrange my living room a bit. Nothing drastic, but I love it so far.

Here it is before:

It's a bit messy. Anyways, Wine rack was moved to a different wall.

The dog crate was moved into a different room and the bakers rack was sold.
Then this is after:

Cleaned up a bit, added our buffet table and a china cabinet. Sorry for the picture quality.

Close up of the china cabinet. 

Pretty dining room! Now I just need a new chandelier. Hmm...
I am quite pleased with it! Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend!

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Until tomorrow, 

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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  1. Thats awesome how just moving things around makes such a huge impact! Its gorgeous! And I think I have that same chandelier.. wah wah. Im going to spray paint it soon. Ha! :)


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