Day #50: Wordless Wednesday

Projects I want to do (someday when I have time!):

Looks I want to create:

People I want to meet: (yeah, they are all Tigers. No judging)

Things I find funny: (cause I'm a nerd.)

I'm proud to be me: (even if I'm strange sometimes!)

My birthday, 2010

Me, My Mom and the Naked Cowboy, Times Square 2009

Yes, that is a urine hat on my head. No, it was not previously used. Circa 2009

Me, intoxicated following my bachelorette party. It was my hubby's fault that I am out in public acting this way. He picked me up and took me and my friend to I-Hop. April 2012
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Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. Yes yes yes!! Love that you want to meet all Tigers! I want to meet Prince and Jason.. Miguel.. ehhh not so much. He no speaky the english. LOL! (Not that thats why I dont wanna meet him.. just a side note)

    And I love you this much.. hahahaha! Hilarious!!

    1. I understand. When Bob and I watch interviews with Miggy, we are both like..."What did he say??" Same with Peralta. It's better just to watch them and not...hear them! haha


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