Day #52.2: Friday Top Five

1. Internet Deals...

Being broke I am constantly trolling the internet to find the best deals. There's a few e-mail subscriptions I have found that I absolutely love and appreciate, especially during my time of financial issues. 

First, Pick Your Plum...each day this website posts a deal. It's usually some sort of craft supply, which of course I love! Sometimes they post jewelry, sometimes little notebooks...regardless, the items are always cute and usually 60% off. If you subscribe to their e-mail, you're more likely to get the item you want because they often sell out! I highly recommend.

Second, Brad's Deals. It's an awesome website that shows you all the internet deals. You can subscribe to the e-mail and receive awesome deals right to your inbox. The website also allows you to search to coupon codes. Love!

And third, MyHabit. MyHabit is founded by Amazon and is a private fashion sale site that offers 60% off hand-selected designer items. Also, AMAZING and sells fast! I highly recommend subscribing to the e-mail.

2. BirchBox

I finally received my BirchBox subscription invite! To learn more about BirchBox click here.

3. Love bracelet

I ordered this super cute bracelet from a shop on Etsy at the end of August. Since it ships from China, I finally received it this week. It's super cute and I am excited to find the perfect outfit to wear it with! Visit the shop here. The best part? It was only $8.99!

4. SongPop

SongPop is a very addicting Facebook game where you try to guess songs and/or artists faster than your opponent. Hubby and I started playing this week. Great homework distraction.

5. Two Days off from work so I can blog, do homework, do chores and relax! Aaah...

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Until later,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. here from H54F and i'm loving your blog!
    and seriously, who doesn't love a good deal :)

    1. Kasey, thanks for visiting!! :) I love finding deals too, it lets me shop and not feel too guilty about it!


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