Day #53: Saturday, Saturday!

The title of today's blog is best if you sing it, kind of like Elton John. Get it? It's okay if you don't.

Anyways, today was fairly uneventful. Highlights are as follows:

1. Truck is fixed. YAY! It cost way less than expected and hopefully will not cause anymore problems.

2. My bauble necklace came in the mail! YAY! I already have the perfect outfit planned. Check back Tuesday or Wednesday...

I work 7-7 tomorrow, but that is my only 12 hour day this week. Weird! I have a renewal class Tuesday and Wednesday, then I picked up 10-4 Thursday to make up for some missed hours. Then I'm off for the weekend. I'm not going to know what to do with myself! However, I get to wear cute clothes and not scrubs most of the week! Woohoo!

Okay, back to finishing some jewelry items but first...some fun stuff I made on polyvore.com today:

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. I can get lost in polyvore! So much fun! :)

    1. I know. I spend a ridiculous amount of hours on polyvore! Much like pinterest.


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