Day #55.1: A morning at the lady doctor.

This will just be a short, early Monday afternoon entry as I have lots of homework to do and I am determined to finish it before I start doing fun things like blogging, making jewelry and working on my Etsy store! DETERMINED.

At any rate though, I feel a short entry couldn't hurt...right? 

So, after I took Benadryl last night I realized that I could not sleep in today because I had a doctor's appointment this morning. You know...that appointment that women must have once a year to make sure all their parts are in good, working order? Yeah, THAT appointment. 

Who decided to make doctor offices freezing? When you are waiting for 20 minutes, naked with nothing by a piece of paper on, a frigid doctor's office is NOT healthy. When I have the sniffles tomorrow, you'll know why.

Who picked out the paper you wear? The smallest person in America? I am pretty sure the paper I have to cover myself up with could only cover one boob, let alone my whole body.

Speculum. Terrible word, even worse because it's made of metal and FREEZING. Definitely invented by a man.

Awkward conversation with doctor while being examined. We talked about museums today. Apparently, Detroit has some very nice museums. Then there's the awkward moment when the exam is done and the conversation is not...while everyone uncomfortably shuffles their feet to finish the conversation as fast as possible, which to me, felt like 100 years because I was only covered with a small piece of paper. 

Anyways...homework. But first...head over and link-up!

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. Major awkward! I was just at the lady dr on Friday for my annual checkup and thank goodness it was a quick one! Yay for not going back there for another 365 days :) New follower!

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    1. haha I agree! I am happy every year when it is done and over with! Thanks for following! :) I will be following you back!!

  2. Going to the lady doctor is so awkward in general! I hate the conversation part.. but else are ya going to do? LOL!

    1. That's true...I suppose complete silence would also be awkward. Really, nothing takes that away! haha


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