Day #57: Pictures. Pinterest. Randoms.

Hello readers, I find today that I am tired and having a difficult time thinking of something to write about. First, I wanted to try to take pictures of my outfits from the past 2 days but...I suck at taking pictures. Plus, taking them of myself isn't the easiest of things. I use my phone, first of all, and second I don't have a tripod. So, either I need to suck it up and make my husband do it or just not take pictures of my outfits. I haven't decided yet. 

Size 22
Anyways, this is the best picture I could come up with. Yes, a disaster. First, you can't see the best part of the outfit...my bauble necklace. Second, the annoying glare from the flash. Third, you can't see my face. Four, I definitely forgot to put on my shoes. Let's keep in mind that this was at 6 am. I definitely hadn't had my coffee yet, however I was trying to show off my cute-ness. Good effort? Maybe?? Anyways, I promise to try to remedy this picture taking issue I am having. Plus, try as I might, I suck at coming up with outfits. I am trying to get better though. 

Also, I am joining some new link-ups this week. You will find some new buttons on the sidebar. I read on a blogger website a few days ago good ideas to organize your blog. I created a word document that helps me keep track of my weekly link-ups, daily items (ie Wordless Wednesday, Friday Top 5, etc), and a spot to put ideas so that I don't forget them. It's an easy way to stay organized.

Anyways, moving on to Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I am addicted. I could spend hours (and do) looking at pins. Here's some pins from my favorite boards this week:

DIY...Halloween inspired

Hair & Beauty


Totally how I feel...

Yep. This is me..every single day. Why? See the next 2 pins.
My cat likes to lay on my books and stick his butt in my face, whenever it's homework time!
Yep. Sums it up.
 Hope you enjoyed my pins! Now for the link-ups:

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. I love the humor pins! I am very guilty of pin #2 this week. Where does time go? HA!

    1. Oh me too! My husband makes fun of me all the time.

  2. I can see the necklace! The whole outfit is super cute! Love the pink tank underneath too. Im a big fan of layering.

    And I LOVE when someones facebook profile isnt private.. makes creeping on them soooo much easier. ;)

    1. I am so guilty of facebook creeping. But my profile is private. Ha! lol

  3. found you through the link-up and wanted to stop by and say hello! love those pinterest pics, too awesome! please come check out my blog and follow along if you like what you see :):)



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