Day #58: Awkward!

Nothing specular today folks. I picked up hours at work and ended up staying a few extra hours, since I was short this week. Patients were strange today. I felt like it was a full moon. Was it? 

Anyways, I was in triage today. Towards the end of the shift, while I was sitting (during a lull in the action) the phone rang. I answered it. This is the conversation that ensued:

A man on the other end asked, "If I was treated for STDs today, is it okay to drink alcohol?"

Insert "blink,blink" here. "Excuse me?" I reply.

"I was treated for STDs today. I think they gave me rocephin and zithromax. Can I drink tonight?"

Uhm, first of all...who thinks to call an emergency room and ask this? Second, if you were that concerned, probably could've asked whomever administered the medications to you. And third...isn't this how you probably ended up with an STD in the first place? At any rate I said:

"I wouldn't highly recommend it..." I start, as he interrupts me.

"What about masturbation? Is it okay to masturbate?"

Insert "blink,blink...pause...blink,blink" here. "Uhm...sure?"

"Okay, thanks for your help!"

Now, I'm not sure if this was a prank or not. However, he seemed fairly concerned. Maybe he's a good actor. I don't really know. At the end of the conversation, I have to admit...I felt awkward. Even though I realize STDs don't  travel through phone-lines, I felt the need to Purell my hands, face and phone.

Other awkward moments:

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea

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  1. I just got off a shift and a very wet cold ride home. The retarded seal maid me laugh out loud thanks!


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