Day #73.2: Halloween Etsy style...

It's Friday night. The Tigers lost. The White Sox won. We are still ONE game ahead. It's too close for comfort...WAY too close for comfort. I hope they can pull this off.

Anyways, it's Friday. Hubby is making paracord bracelets. I am "wandering" around the internet. We are watching Cash Cab (my husband is way too smart. So annoying). I love our super, lame, awesome selves. Anyways, I came across this fantastic blog post by A Beautiful Mess. Inspired, I downloaded the 30 day trial version of Adobe Photoshop Essentials and was messing around. 

One of my favorite websites for online selling is Etsy. I am constantly scrolling through items made by many talented individuals. Since Halloween is coming up, I decided to make a collage of some of my favorite Halloween items.

I'm cheered up now. Mostly. Not bad for my first photoshop collage? 

Until tomorrow, 

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea

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