Day #74: Yard Work!

I am exhausted.

We spent all afternoon working in the yard. We had a tree in our front yard that was very overgrown. Every time the person who parked next to it got out of their car, he or she would get slapped multiple times in the face with leaves. Hubby hacked the low hanging branches off, then we bagged them since we are not allowed to burn anything in our neighborhood. We also cut the grass, weeded a little bit, winterized the air conditioner and cleaned up the driveway. There's still a lot of work to be done because we ignored it most of the summer. 

Not really "ignored" so much as the summer was filled with unexpected setbacks. 

The massacred tree.

Abbey, hanging out while we took a break.

My garden, which is terribly overgrown. This is a BEFORE picture...still deciding what to do with it.

Hubby, chillaxin' after cutting down some tree branches.
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Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea

PS I almost forgot. Guess who is 2 games ahead with 4 left? Yep, the Tigers!

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