Day #105.2: Sleep talking?

Does anyone talk in their sleep? I apparently, do talk in my sleep. Or yell. At my hubs.

So, last night I went to bed after taking a dose of nite-quil. I feel asleep watching a movie, so I was laying diagonal in the bed since hubby was still in the living room. 

Now, this is where he takes over the story because I can't remember since I was sleeping.

Me: What are you doing?
Him: Coming to bed.
Me: Why?
Him: Okay, never mind? 
Then I apparently, very huffily moved over and said, "For nile."
Him: Uhm, what?
Him: Uhm....what?
Him: (insert blank stare)
Me: You know what I'm trying to say! FOR NILE! We talked about the thumbnails.
Him: laughing hysterically
Me: You asshole. We just talked about this. Why are you making fun of me? You know what I mean!
Him: You are sleep talking again.
Me: I am NOT asleep, I am wide awake.

Then at some point I woke up, playing on my phone and began laughing hysterically.

I remember none of this. I woke up holding my phone and was extremely confused. Hubby told me about this and I laughed, but I feel bad since I ripped him a new a-hole as I am screeching about FOR NILE.

Yep. This isn't the first time. I apparently carry on whole conversations in my sleep, very often. 


  1. OMG this is too funny!

    My husband talks in his sleep at times. Sometimes he bolts upright or if I look he is staring at me and I'm all like honey??? honey?? Please answer me cuz you look creepy.

  2. My husband is a big sleeptalker. Ok, not so much a talker but I can have conversations with him and he won't remember them at all. I've even fed him food and he won't remember. It's funny sometimes.


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