Day #106: Craft Ideas

The sick Hubby and I spent yesterday eating pizza rolls and watching Netflix. It was awesome. I also had to be somewhat productive and write an 8 page paper. Ugh.


Pinterest is my ultimate source for craft ideas. I love crafts but sometimes most times lack the creativity to come up with ideas myself. So, I pin things on the DIY boards. Here's some of my new faves.

Source: etsy.com via Chelsea on Pinterest

Am I talented enough to make these? Unsure. But I am certain someday (when school is DONE) I will try!

Also, the hubs mentioned he wished I baked. Maybe...I will try that too.


Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Source: bluntcard.com via Robyn on Pinterest

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  1. LMAO that toothbrush pin made me think of my father's significant other. She mentioned how she gave out toothbrushes one year. I was like seriously? Kids have one of those at home already. She gives the strangest gifts. They came over last week and as a Halloween gift to Emma, she gave us jars of baby food. A brand I don't use with her. It's like wtf, why would you give us that?

  2. I love the chevron pin! Its too cute... I Love those little zip up bags!

  3. Some lovely ideas to try out here...Im the same lots of things I love, but will I ever do them? Popped in from the blog hop. X

  4. I love all your pins! I'm your newest follower, also! Please check out my blog!


  5. What cute DIY ideas! I'm with you...i'm so totally addicted to pinterest and always looking for fun projects!


  6. I added you from the Glossy Blonde giveaway! :)

    Oh please please check out my giveaways here and here.


  7. Love your selections, especially those jars with the pin cushions on top-so convenient! I'm a little behind but I wanted to say thank you yet again for linking up with the GFC Collective & following! Hope you acquired some new friends :)
    Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid


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