Day #77.1: The Amazing Slurpee Race

This is how the Amazing Slurpee Race started:

As you can see, there is 56 comments. Sheri posted this and Hubby saw it. It was then ON. He was determined to be the Amazing Slurpee champion. 

Speeding to 7-11 in hopes of being the Amazing Slurpee Race champion.

Obtaining the cherry slurpee.
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Sheri enjoying her $20 slurpee.

And that was the Amazing Slurpee Race. The End.

Until later,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea

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  1. I seriously would have driven from NC just to give her a amazing Slurpee... Plus I kinda want one now and dont think I can get one where I live... **Enter sad face here**


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