Day 77.3: Crazy? Probably.

I don't like feet. Feet totally gross me out. And skin flakes. I feel faint when a patient pulls of their socks and skin flakes fly out everywhere.

I also don't like broken bones. Broken bones are my kryptonite. If you come into the ER and your bone is not where it should be, I might not be able to look at you. 

I won't set my alarm for the standard times...such as 00, 15, 30 or 45. I always set it for some random number like 5:37am. Or 10:19am. 

I'm weird about food. I like hamburger. I like spaghetti. I do NOT like hamburger in my spaghetti.

Birds. Birds are cool far away but if one flies at me, I will hit the ground.

I can't do homework in complete silence. I have to have background noise.

I sleep with a fan on. I can't sleep without it. And I can't wear socks when I sleep.

I have an irrational fear of balloons. Not entirely sure why.

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. I sleep with a fan on all the time too. I can't be warm when I sleep (and I can't sleep without blankets) so a fan's a must! Plus the background noise helps.

  2. I can't sleep with socks on either. My feet cannot be hot.



  3. I could swear by all those except for the spaghetti- I love meat in my spaghetti. Or chicken, but never turkey!

  4. Scaly feet are definitely the worst. And tell me, why do people let the gross, dead skin build up so long that it looks like their heels are cracking? Scrub that nasty off before I vomit!
    Come say 'Hi' and we can bond over the need to implement a rule that feet should be frequently given a pedicure ;)



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