Day #79.1: Triple Crown

I know you guys are sick of baseball speak. However, something you must know and accept about me is that I am a die hard Tigers fan. And tonight, one of our Tigers left his footprint in baseball history...

Yes, that is a crown atop his head. I'm not an artist.
Congratulations Miggy! You are my Tiger! RAWR! Good luck in the play-offs!

For all you Tigers fans, the play-offs begin Saturday night on TBS @ 6:07pm against the Oakland A's. GO TIGERS!

Stay tuned for Copy-Cat Closet, later tonight.

Until later,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. There's no such thing as too much baseball talk. I told my husband about the triple crown this morning and he said "isn't that horse racing?" Oh boy!

  2. awesome!! although, I know nothing about baseball...lol but i know its a good thing and i know he is happy :)


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