Day #79.2: Boo.

I didn't not do the copy-cat closet today, as promised. I suck, I know. I woke up late this am (6am, instead of 5:30am) so my hair looked like crap for 12 hours while I worked, and now I am exhausted. I will do it tomorrow, promise!

I was hoping to come home to new shelves in my craft room. Which did NOT happen :( We have $50 worth of gift cards to Lowes/Home Depot and of course the shelves are like $100. I will have to find a different solution for now. 

Anyways, I am catching up some TV watching. Private Practice, Glee and Grey's Anatomy to be exact. 

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke ... Chelsea

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  1. Boo to the shelves being so expensive! Im sure yall will think of something great.

    I totally LOL'ed at the picture too!


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