Day #83: Bottle Caps

I have been cleaning my craft room out and in the process I found some bottle cap blanks. I used some mod podge and made these:

Not sure what I want to make them yet! Stay tuned, hopefully it will turn out cute! Any ideas???

It's getting colder here in Michigan, almost time for scraping the wind shield in the morning. That is something I hate to do. There is nothing I feel like doing LESS at 6:30am is scrape my windows. Oh well. I have another long week ahead, although after this month I won't be working as much overtime. Then maybe, I will have the energy to get more organized in life. Meal plan, do laundry, clean, etc. 

Tomorrow, we are hopefully finding some shelves to put up in my craft room so that I can continue to organize! I need to clear some space in the closets. 

Alright, time to work 12 hours...it's Monday so it's bound to busy in the ER today! Don't forget to leave me some ideas for the bottle caps...and link-up!

The Things We Find Inside

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. Scraping off the windsheild is the absolute worst! It doesn't help that I was always running late or almost late to begin with. Luckily I like in the desert now, so it's no longer an issue :) However the heat almost killed me this summer! Found you through the blog hop!


  2. I did have to scrape windows this morning. It was a lovely 30' even this morning at bus time. I even put the kids in winter coats too.

    Those bottle caps are awesome? Can we hope for a sweep?


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