Day #87: Friday Letters & Craft Room Reveal

I see the Friday Letters blog posts all the time and I absolutely love them! I'm going to try it this week. 

Dear Husband, I'm sorry we argued while putting up the shelves. I'm PMS-y and not handy when it comes to DIY around the house. I love you. I will miss you while you are gone this weekend. Dear School, I am sick of you and will be happy when I graduate in December. Dear Joe Biden, you are annoying. Dear Detroit Tigers, please win tonight...you will make me very happy. Dear Mom, thank-you for not judging my financial situation and as always, being a life-saver and trying to help us. Dear Fall Weather, I like you but I am not liking this cold I am developing. Dear Self, quit spending money. You are much happier when you have money saved. STOP IT. Also, no more overtime. You need a "break". Dear Brother, Have a safe trip to Arizona!

Okay, I finally made my craft room look semi-decent. YAY! Here it was before:

Here it is now:

Office Closet
Craft Closet

New shelves! YES! They aren't 100% done, but you get the idea.

Detroit Tigers Tribute :)

October Overhauling

Visit again tomorrow to see what I made with all the craft stuff I found out that I have!!

Until tomorrow,

Big, Beautiful & Broke... Chelsea


  1. Love your letters! My Mom has been a big encouragement to me in my financial journey as well!

    Linking up through the Hop


  2. Love your letters and your craft room!!! Makes me want to go work on mine...

  3. Nice job Chels! It looks great! Love the tigers tribute area! :D


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