Day #95: Lots of random

So, we picked Chelsea (my step-daughter) up from school yesterday and during conversation it came up that kids in her school are reading "Fifty Shades of Grey". (insert brake screech here)

Uhm, don't get me wrong, I love that book series. But I'm 27 years old. The thought that 15 year olds are reading these books, TERRIFIES me. First of all, the boys are reading it. Seriously? Talk about giving them a false view of sex. 

Second, apparently, you can go to the library and just get it off the shelf and read it. I think these books should probably NOT be available that easily to kids, but you can go into a book store and flippin' read it. With all the press that it has gotten recently, I'm sure kids of all ages are reading it. I just never thought about it.

And that thought disturbs me. Although, porn is readily available on the Internet so I suppose there are worse things. Not sure how to wrap my thoughts around it.

Anyways, we were also talking about weird high school teachers.

I remember when in 8th grade one of the english teachers literally had a mental breakdown in class and began throwing things from her purse at the girls and called them sluts. Yeah, it really happened.

My 9th grade geometry teacher coordinated her outfits to match the lesson. Circles? Polka dots. Lines? Stripes. Seriously, that happened. She also had reindeer decorations out in her yard and one of the students in my class stole them. She had no idea. But she did repeatedly discuss this in class and ask the student who stole them if he saw any unusual suspects in her yard (He lived nearby). 

Speaking of class, did this ever happen to anyone else:

Not only did this happen in class, but it happened out on dates. My stomach makes awkward noises all the time. Mostly after I eat. Talk about instilling weirdness.

Speaking of weirdness, here is a text between me and Hubby earlier:

Is it weird I didn't initially notice that he wrote "chicken boobs"?

Okay, that is enough randoms from my life today. 

Until tomorrow,

Big, beautiful & broke... Chelsea


  1. Wow they letting them read that in school?! That really is going to give them a very false idea of what sex is like.. Oh to be young again.

    LOL @ that text

  2. Yeah that would freak me out too. Kids are getting older much quicker. And my husband calls them that too. Does yours order them in person that way too?

  3. I don't think they should be allowed to read it at school. Personally I'm not a fan of 50 shades. Chicken boobs? I'm calling them that from now on!

  4. ah. Thats bad. They shouldn't be reading that! Crazy, I remember when people were freaking out about Twilight. Thats got nothing on Shades of Gtay! Those are hilarious teacher stories!

  5. haha, great post I love it!

  6. Ok.. that is way scary!! That is not a book that kids should read. EEEEK!

    Second.. chicken boobs. LOL!


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