Day #107.2: November Goals and Wish-List

Goals for November:

1. Clean and organize baking cupboard.
2. Bake 2 new things from scratch! 
3. Join a weight-loss challenge at work.

Here were October's goals:

1. Seriously, go to the gym. At least twice this month. At least START going. Let's start small here.

2. Read the book "The Fred Factor". My mom has been on me. Seriously, it's like a 100 pages...this should be doable.
3. Make more items for my Etsy shop.
4. Continue to save $50 from each check.

Guess what? FAIL again! I did NOT go to the gym. However, for the last 3 weeks I have been sick. Like, hacking cough sick. I did not read the Fred Factor. School has been crazy. I have saved some money. Money I am doing somewhat decent on. Getting slightly better.

So, I'm joining a weight loss challenge at work. We pay in, work with a partner and whatever partnership loses the most weight at the end of the challenge wins all the money. Heck yes! 

Anyways, I have NO overtime this month so I want to try baking some stuff. We will see how this goes!

So, here is my November Wish List: 

1. Yes, I still want the blue booties from Torrid.
2. A cute sweater from American Eagle
3. Infinity Ring from an Etsy shop
4. I so badly want to buy a bad from Little Black Bag! You pick out and purchase a bag for $50 and you get 4 additional surprise items. So fun!
5.  I want some new cricut cartridges!


  1. yay for goal lists! i find they always help me :) loving those little booties, too... what a lovely colour!


  2. You can do it Chels! Im excited for your challenge at work :)

  3. That ring is so pretty! I'm going to check it out! x

  4. those blue booties.. I dont blame ya! Those are incredible! New follower :)
    Love, The Skinnys


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