Day #114: lalala

I guess I should explain my late entries lately. I am trying to stay up later because Saturday night I am working a 12 hour night shift. Eeek! I used to work nights, I did it for 3 years. However, I have been on day shift for 2 years. Staying up late is easy, but being able to think past 1 am...not a strong point of mine anymore! I slept in until 11:30 today. Tomorrow, I am going to nap and then hopefully stay up all night. 

Fairly uneventful day today. Got some homework done, went to Petsmart with the hubby to buy food and litter for the "kids". We also had to take a trip to the mall because yesterday I noticed my diamond was loose in wedding ring. Ugh. I swear, I spend more time without my ring than with it. So, we dropped it off at JB Robinsons, so I be without for a few weeks :( 

I always feel naked without it.

The sales guy, of course, was trying to sell me a new ring. I was semi-interested in the flat anniversary bands since my solitaire seems to get caught on things at work. However, I refrained since we are trying to pay off our credit cards.

It was hard. Diamonds are pretty and shiny.

Anyways, now we are at home relaxing. Step-Brothers is on TV. Always a fun one to watch!! At least until Grey's Anatomy and Glee is on.

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  1. Hi Chelsea. I am visiting by way of the Almost Friday Thursday Blog Hop! So nice to find your blog. I also fight the weight battle...currently off the wagon. Thinking of getting back out my Couch to 5K training program so I have some kind of motivation to drop some pounds. Always a battle! Anyway, nice to find you and love your jewelry creations as well! Blessings! ~Joell

  2. It's always sad when you don't get to wear your rings for a while! I actually have three separate rings, 2 wedding bands and an engagement ring, since I never had them put together, so usually when one of them needs fixing or polishing, not all of them do, so I don't have to go without anything! And I know those 12 hr night shifts aren't easy...Angel did it for 1 yr. + and he was tired all the time.


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