Day #119: Times flies...

I just realized that Thanksgiving is next week.

Next friggin' week. It seems like this year passed by so quickly! Which I am happy about...2012 has not been super nice to me. My wedding was amazing. But the events that followed...not so much. I think within one week of my wedding my grandpa was hospitalized. He came home. Fell. Bob and I had to come pick him up off the floor. Then he went back to the hospital. A week later he died. THEN a couple weeks later my mom was in the hospital with blood clots in her leg and lungs. Combined with money problems, etc. 2012 just hasn't been super nice!

Enough of that though. Thanksgiving is next week! GAH! I am unprepared. I am lucky, my parents prepare dinner and all that good stuff. However, I haven't decorated the house or anything. I suppose I should just wait and decorate for Christmas. See how much school throws ya off?? Geesh.

Is anyone else excited that Teen Mom 2 is started last night? I am. Just sayin'.

The weight loss challenge starts this week. EEEK! I have been working on play-lists to work out to. I love making play-lists. The last work-out mix I made was as follows:

1. Starships - Nicki Minaj
2. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
3. Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
4. In My Head - Jason Derulo
5. TiK ToK- Ke$ha
6. OMG - Usher
7. Higher - Taio Cruz
8. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
9. Cyclone - Baby Bash
10. Calabria - Enur
11. Closer - Ne-Yo
12. Lollipop - Lil' Wayne

I'm not a huge hip hop listener. Really, only to work-out to. Weird? Probably. Also, I need new running shows. So, what am I loving lately? All the cute, bright colored shoes!

I'm nervous for this weight loss challenge guys! I need to get motivated. The ugly, cold weather does NOT motivate me.

What are you loving lately? What's on your gym play-list?

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  1. Hi! Love your blog. Okay, first of all...sorry about all the stuff that happened this year. So hard. I hope your year is looking better and that 2013 will be WAY better. Second...Teen Mom is starting??!! I had no idea! K...I am excited too! And yay for new running shoes! I like the Asics...just because they are so much more comfortable that Nikes!

  2. I might have to borrow your playlist! I'm trying to get back into working out too!

  3. I'm stopping by from Loving Lately-- I'm so sorry to hear your 2012 had so many challenges for you, I hope 2013 is better! I love the shoes and the playlist you put together!


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