Day #138: A Visit From Heather

Hello friends! This is my final's week, and I'm struggling in one class, so please send me good thoughts! I need to pass this class to graduate! Since I am busy with school, I have a couple of guest posts scheduled. First, Heather from The Mosby's In China is visiting!! She's been hanging out on my sidebar and at the bottom of every post for the past few weeks! Take a minute to read her post and check out her blog!

Hey Lovlies! 
I am so excited to be here! Thank you Chelsea for having me. 
I won an ad space for Chelsea's blog earlier this month. 
How lucky am I?! So thankful that she has had me for November 

I love her honesty and sweet spirit on the blog! Don't you?! Of course you do! That's why you're here. We can all agree, Chelsea rocks! :) 

I'm Heather and I blog over at
The Mosby's in China
I don't know why but almost every single day when we get home from work I say, 
"Hey gurl, Heeeey!" to Chara, our dog. She get's so excited every time I say it. 

This is my better half, best friend and amazing husband, Zachary. 
We were super excited to get Hunger Games in a care package my mom and grandma sent!
Can you see the Christmas tree in the background?! So excited! We just put it up last weekend! 

We're The Mosby's. Nice to meet you!! 
We are following Jesus,
{and TONS more}
while living life in China.  
"Wait, where do you live?!" you might ask.
We live in the beautiful Chinese coastal city of Qingdao. We live right on the water, which is amazing, with mountains in our back yard. People say Qingdao is a gem in China. It's clean and modern and has a great, relaxed environment. We can ferry it across the yellow sea to Japan or Korea, catch an hour flight to Beijing, or a 13 hour flight to LA. And our apartment is only 10, 637 miles from my hometown, Austin, Texas. :) Stop by anytime. ;P

Gotta love face masks! And husbands that will do them with you! :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys have a lovely start of December! Eek! Christmas is so close!! 
We would love to have you stop by & follow our lives in China! 

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  1. Your blog is super cute, I'm stopping by from the Peacoats & Plaid link up, and am now a new follower. Stop by and see my blog sometime. www.amrsandamama.wordpress.com


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