Day #139: DIY Body Scrub

Hi all! Another treat for you on the blog today! Helen from The Blue Eyed Beauty Blog is visiting today and has an DIY body scrub recipe! I'm thinking of using it as a DIY Christmas gift! 

Hello everyone! I am new around The Big, Beautiful & Broke Blog and am so honored that Chelsea has offered me this lovely opportunity to guest post with her today! I have a lovely surprise for all you ladies! So if you're into DIY things and smooth, super soft legs keep reading!! Just before we get to the main post I'd like to share a bit about myself so you feel like you know me a bit better!

1. I love to mix ingredients in the kitchen! When I get bored or when I have a beauty or skin related problem I start looking up things online and that usually leads to me in the kitchen with a handful of ingredients, a bowl and a wooden spoon! I LOVE to put together new mixes either just for fun or to fix a problem I'm currently experiencing.

2. I love soft, smooth legs! This is odd, yes, I know! BUT girls who can't be honest and say they don't like this?! Especially if you could find a way to have that ALL the time without spending a fortune? Well I'm about to tell you how to do this!!

What I'm sharing is my personal favorite body scrub recipe which I use to create soft & smooth legs. You can use ANY sugar scrub recipe (girls, salt is NOT to be used on your skin as it tears!!), but this one has been my favorite for over a year despite my mixing up several others since I stumbled across this one via Pinterest!
What We Are Making Today:

A clean, empty container to store the newly made scrub in. 1 cup of olive oil 1 cup Old Fashioned Oats 1 cup (packed!) brown sugar

In a mixing bowl put the brown sugar and olive oil and set aside. You can mix now, but I usually wait until after I can add the oats.
Dump the cup of oats into a food processor and grind them up! This will take about a minute and will be pretty fine when they're done.
Pour the now ground up oats into the sugar and oil. Mix until it starts to be a clumpy mix like the second photo shows. It may look a bit more oily. I realized I didn't add the whole amount I was supposed to.
Pour the mixture into a container with a really good lid and store in your bathroom! My mom kept the same batch/mix in her bathroom for over a year and it did fine. I don't think it'll ever ruin lol.

NOW on to how to get super smooth legs!
Repeat this process for each leg.
**Warning: Prepare to be disgusted with the dead skin you get off your legs!!**

Step 1: Shave as usual.
Step 2: Exfoliate using your freshly made sugar scrub! A little goes a LONG way so until you're used to using a homemade sugar scrub (or using this recipe!) start with a little and go back for more if you need it!
Step 3: Lightly rinse your leg(s). Don't worry too much with getting all the scrub off. Mostly you're doing this to get the chunks of oats and sugar off your legs so that won't stop up your razor.
Step 4: Shave again! YES again!! The skin you just exfoliated is still there... As you shave you will have to rinse your razor quite a bit because it will be full of dead skin cells.
Step 5: Rinse thoroughly.
Step 6: Repeat the whole process up to this point for the other leg.
Step 7: Dry your legs off.
Step 8: Apply a moisturizing lotion.
Step 9: Enjoy amazingly soft & smooth legs!

I have shared this recipe & the tip for getting super soft legs that last more than a few hours with several people (my sisters included!) and at first they didn't really believe me...then another friend (who had read where I posted about this on my blog) asked me what to do about her legs because she would shave in the morning and by 3-5 pm it felt like she hadn't shaved at all! I asked her if she had read the post and she said yes. I asked her if she tried what I wrote...and she admitted that she hadn't...I told her to go do what I said and then if that didn't work I'd see if I could figure something else out... Of course I KNEW this would work for her so if you have a similar problem this post was for you!!

If you liked this post then you'll enjoy the posts I publish on Tuesdays on my blog. I don't always have the opportunity to publish a new DIY recipe but I do share as often as I can. :) You can find me at any of these following places: Better Blogger Network, Bloglovin', Exercise Encouragement Group, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr! Thank you for reading along with me today! :)


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  1. Thank you so much for having me as a guest blogger today Chelsea!! :) Good luck on your finals! May you do very well!! And this would make a WONDERFUL present! I gave it to a friend last year who loved it so I'm going to give it to another friend this year! :)

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