Day #144: Misikko HANA Air Hair Dryer Review

You probably notice in most of my photos my hair is usually up in a ponytail or a bun. I love wearing my hair down, especially because when I wear it up, I get horrendous headaches. However, it's hard to wear it down when it takes me 20 minutes to dry it. That's 20 extra minutes I can sleep. And when I have to get up at 5:30am...20 more minutes seems like a long time!

So, imagine my excitement when I was contacted by a representative from Misikko to try out one of their professional hair dryers. Obviously, I was thrilled to be asked and accepted the offer immediately!! They shipped the Hana Air Hair Dryer off to me the next day!

I received the Hana Air Hair Dryer a few days later. Of course, and you can ask my hubby, my nose was pressed against the glass watching and waiting for UPS to drop it off. I purposely waited for the hair dryer to come to do my hair that night because my first test was to see if it would dry my hair quicker than my standard $20 hair dryer from Wal-Mart.

The first great thing about this product is the packaging. Misikko guarantees "OOOOOHS and AAAAHS" with every product, and they start with the packaging. Every product is packaged in an extravagant way...ready to see?

This is what you'll see when you first open the box. Beautiful right?

So, not only did I receive this awesome Hana Air Hair Dryer, but I also got a cuddly teddy bear, an eyelash curler, a hair brush, nail files, hand sanitizer and rose petals. Yes, I said rose petals. Each Misikko product also comes with a silicone heat proof mat and heat resistant storage bag.

Normally when I wash my hair and plan on drying it (sometimes I run some gel through it and air dry...so much quicker!) I wait 10-15 minutes when I get out of the shower, simply so my hair isn't soaked. Like I said, I could sometimes spend 20 minutes drying my hair, especially when it's long and/or soaking wet. This time, I went right from the shower to drying my hair because I wanted to put this hair drying to the test!

Soaking wet, thick hair...How long did it take to dry? 8 minutes. EIGHT MINUTES. Not 20 minutes. Not even 10 minutes...8 minutes. For my hair, this was amazing. The hair dryer comes as you see in the picture above, with the end piece that can be taken off. It has classic hair dryer features including varying temperatures (warm and hot) and two different air blasts (high and low). It also offers a convenient cool-shot button (to cool hair quickly and hold a hair style). 

Misikko boasts Ion Technology, which conditions hair and reduces static electricity, which I did notice. During Michigan winters, everything promotes static electricity, including hair dryers. However, with this particular model...my straightener did not shock me post-drying. Which is AWESOME. Another plus is the fact that you do not sound like a plane is landing around your head while you are blow drying. The noise level is significantly lower than other blow dryers I have used. Which my husband really appreciates.

The only downfall I found is the price. The hair dryer comes costs a pretty penny, but I feel it's definitely money well spent! It also did not come with a diffuser, but that can be easily remedied. 

I can honestly say that Misikko won me over with the Hana Air hair dryer. It's sleek looking and it dries my hair in under 10 minutes. Obviously I agree with Misikko that this is by far one of the best hair dryer's!

 Disclosure: I received a HANA Air Hair Dryer from Misikko to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi,Chelsea!
    I found you blog by way of Sabje's blog, which I found by way of Stone Cottage Adventures---don't you just love how that works out? You have a lovely blog. My blog is nothing like yours,and I am at least old enough to be your grandmother, but I am going to follow you, anyway, if you don't mind. Sounds crazy to say we have things in common, but we do. I have struggled all my life with a weight issue,so I certainly understand that battle!! I am a former Firefighter/EMT, and my daughter was a Paramedic, so I know the issues there, too. And I have verrrryyy long hair. I don't use a hair dryer, but I am glad this one works well for you. Blessings!

  2. I'd love to see this thing dry my hair in 10 min. My hair takes FOREVER to dry.

  3. Am I weird if I say that the teddy bear is my favorite part of the set you got??? The hair dryer seems pretty awesome too! My hair takes so long to dry, probably because of all of the highlights (and damage lol). I kind of want to try this!

  4. I would be happy with 20 minutes dry time, but 8? I think I might have to bite the bullet and get one of these..I have super thick, curly hair that takes my hair stylist at least 45 minutes to blow dry (I timed him on Friday, actually). Takes me sadly closer to an hour, or more sometimes. Appreciate the review!

  5. Mine takes forever to dry too, even when it's short because it's so thick!

  6. Ohh.. LOVE Misikko! I dont even have time to blow dry mine.. it would take longer then 20 minutes. LOL. :)

  7. I bought this dryer recently and found it to be okay but not amazing. Many reviews I read were from girls with pretty straight or wavy hair and as a curly haired girl I didn't find that it gave me results that were much better than my generic hair dryer. Also, the buttons are a pain and all the goodies I've seen in all the reviews were misleading as I received mostly junk. Still got frizz that I had to flatiron away. Overall, not worth shelling out the money. As a side note, it's not for lack of skill as I'm very good with a blowdryer.


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