Day #146: Pay It Forward

Christmas is my favorite time of year. If you know me, you should know I am not religious and my love for Christmas isn't related to celebrating the birth of Jesus. I love Christmas because it's the one time of year that brings families together and where you see people paying it forward. There's been lots of stories on the news where people are going to pay off their layaway items and find that they only owe a penny because someone else paid it.

That's amazeballs in my opinion.

One of the most important things to remember about paying it forward is that it should be done with a selfless spirit. This means you help another person without hoping for repayment or good deeds in return. 

As the receiver of the money, gift, or good deed is concerned, he or she is told only to pay it forward.
Paying it forward doesn't have to mean giving a large some of money or paying off someone's layaway. It could be as simple as holding the door for someone or giving up your place in line to someone who appears in a rush. My mom told me a customer in the drive-thru line at work paid for the person's order who was waiting to pay behind him. Today, I received a gift from one of my co-workers, who reads my blog. She bought me two things from one of my wish-lists. See giant purple arrows below:

Thank-you, Aimie, for making my Christmas a much happier one!! 

In a world that can be unfriendly and cruel, anyone...me, you, a stranger, a co-worker, can make a positive difference in someone's life. All you have to do is pay it forward.


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  1. I am your newest follower and came from the blog hop, I hope you will follow me back!


  2. That sounds like a really great coworker to have!!! Fun fun!

  3. those gifts are amazing! Any big holiday bashes to wear them to? :)


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