Day #152: I am Bob, hear me roar.

After debating the past few days over what our "plan" would be since Bob lost his job. We have been toying with many different options. Move? Stay here? Move? Where should we move? Do we really want to move? Yadda yadda.

We have come to a decision. However, before we announce our decision, I will discuss the road we took to get there.

Bob is a paramedic. The original plan was to work part-time, go to nursing school and get a job. However, Bob would hate nursing. He's a leader and as a nurse, he just wouldn't be happy. Plus, he's too smart. Yes, nurses have to be smart and many are very intelligent. Bob is on a whole different level. 

If Bob worked in an ICU and his patient needed to be intubated, he would lose his mind, knowing he could do it quicker but not being able to do it because he's a nurse.


As I, and many others, have been telling him for years, he has finally decided to do what he wants. He's going to go med school.


I am so proud of you husband :) I love you though, no matter what you do!

And, I am re-posting yesterday's post about my friend Sarah. She needs our help! If you can, please consider re-posting this and/or donating money to help her and her family.

I know the tragedies that struck our nation are taking over the blogging world. I also know that I have been whining over my petty problems the past few weeks.

However, Bob and I learned of another tragedy, that has befallen onto one of our close friends.

So, bloggy friends, I would like to introduce you to Sarah...aka Molly, as we like to call her at work. Sarah is a registered nurse that works with me in the emergency department. When she first started, everyone thought she looked like a Molly, rather than a Sarah. Plus, we already had six Sarah's working there. So, we nicknamed her Molly and it has stuck ever since.

Don't you think she looks like a Molly? Anyways, Sarah is a single mom to 3 beautiful kids. Sarah recently started having abdominal pains. She was seen by the doctor and told she might have colitis or IBS. The pain continued so further testing was done. She was told she had benign teratoma's scattered throughout her abdomen. She went in for surgery this past week to have the teratoma's removed.

When the surgeons opened her up, they found that she had dermoid tumors. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has spread to her sigmoid colon. She has to go back in for surgery in a few weeks to have a full hysterectomy and part of her colon removed. She meets with an oncologist this week, and will know more once the pathology report is completed. She will start chemotherapy in two weeks. 

She is only 30 years old. 

People at work are rallying together to donate PTO and to buy her kids Christmas presents. Bob and I are planning a benefit to help raise money to support her through this tough time ahead. We have also started an online collection, attempting to raise money to give to Sarah to help her take care of bills and her children. Any amount will help. Please take a moment and consider helping this wonderful woman and her family.

Please, feel free to share this information around the blogosphere. Thank-you.


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  1. Fantastic! The former paramedics are the brightest in our nursing class. They are working while doing nursing school and then it would probably take the same time it takes for med school to be a practitioner! Thank you sharing about Sarah.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Sarah. I can't even begin to imagine what she and her family must be going through. I will be sure to pray for her.

    And that is wonderful about your husband deciding to go to med schooL!

  3. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)


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