Day #156: Friday Top Five!

Welcome back to another rousing addition of "Friday Top 5"!

1. We have raised $710 so far to help Sarah! That's not including the money, PTO, gift cards and Christmas presents we also raised at work! Keep it coming guys!

2. My husband finally came to his senses and applied to U of M to pursue a medical degree. About time! :)

3. Glam Bag AND Birchbox. Yesssss!

4. I reached over 500 views in one day. This might not seem like a lot to you, but for me it is. I average about 250-300. Weee!

5. The world didn't end! At least, not yet. 

Also, please head over to The Grant Life's blog to enter her financial friday link-up! For everyone who links up, a $1 will be donated to the United Way to help Sandy Hook.


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