Day #172: Post-Secret

I have been reading and following PostSecret since 2006-ish. On slow nights a co-worker and I would read them at work, or watch videos people put together of many different PostSecret's.

If you've never heard of PostSecret, you should check it out. It start out as a community mail art project, where people sent in anonymous post-cards with confessions or thoughts on them. It created an awesome anonymous community of acceptance. 

There's tons of videos on YouTube, just type in "PostSecret". You can also find more by clicking here. I love the honesty behind the confessions, although some make me sad. But who doesn't have a sad confession? A weird confession? A happy confession? 

This year I want to be more honest with you about who I am, because it may seem like I share everything but I don't, fearing people won't accept certain aspects of me

What would you say if no one knew it was you?


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  1. I love PostSecret! I've been reading every Sunday for I don't even know how long! I really should submit my own secret one day. I think it'd be awesome if it made it onto the site!

  2. I LOVE PostSecret. It speaks to me every week. I don't have too many secrets...so I think I'd opt for a funny one! We all need a laugh sometimes.


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